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Advanced Dagger Training I, Advanced Archery Training I, Boost Parry I, Swift Edge II, Entangling Shot I, Swift Shot I, Winged Range I, Mau Form I, Mau Form I, Transformation: White Tiger I, Transformation: White Tiger II, Transformation: White Tiger III, Transformation: White Tiger IV, Transformation: White Tiger I, Transformation: White Tiger II, Transformation: White Tiger III, Transformation: White Tiger IV, Transformation: Krall I, Transformation: Krall II, Transformation: Krall III, Transformation: Krall IV, Transformation: Krall I, Transformation: Krall II, Transformation: Krall III, Transformation: Krall IV, Arrow Assault I, Deadshot I, Dodging I, Spike Trap I, Spike Trap I, Surprise Attack II, Counterattack II, Soul Slash II, Arrow Strike I, Poisoning Trap I, Poisoning Trap I, Stunning Shot I, Aiming I, Arrow Deluge I, Sleep Arrow I, Swift Shot II, Poison Arrow I, Mau Form II, Mau Form II, Retreating Slash I, Calming Whisper I, Entangling Shot II, Swift Edge III, Surprise Attack III, Boost Bow Range I, Advanced Dagger Training II, Advanced Archery Training II, Explosion Trap I, Spike Trap II, Explosion Trap I, Rupture Arrow I, Silence Arrow I, Strong Shots I, Winged Avenger I, Arrow Deluge II, Spike Trap II, Deadshot II, Spiral Arrow I, Snare Trap I, Snare Trap I, Poisoning Trap II, Poisoning Trap II, Arrow Strike II, Tactical Retreat I, Counterattack III, Soul Slash III, Bow of Blessing I, Evasion Rate Increase II, Aerial Wild Shot I, Hunter's Eye I, Arrow Deluge III, Silence Arrow II, Trap of Clairvoyance I, Trap of Clairvoyance I, Destruction Trap I, Destruction Trap I, Stunning Shot II, Arrow Flurry I, Swift Shot III, Snare Trap II, Snare Trap II, Mau Form III, Mau Form III, Poison Arrow II, Entangling Shot III, Breath of Nature I, Calming Whisper II, Swift Edge IV, Trap of Slowing I, Surprise Attack IV, Rupture Arrow II, Trap of Slowing I, Spike Bite Trap I, Explosion Trap II, Explosion Trap II, Spike Trap III, Silence Arrow III, Arrow Deluge IV, Fleshcutter Arrow I, Spike Bite Trap I, Sniper Stance I, Spike Trap III, Deadshot III, All-Seeing Eye I, Spiral Arrow II, Poisoning Trap III, Poisoning Trap III, Aether Arrow I, Snare Trap III, Snare Trap III, Sandstorm Trap I, Sandstorm Trap I, Arrow Storm I, Breath of Nature II, Arrow Strike III, Counterattack IV, Soul Slash IV, Advanced Dagger Training III, Advanced Archery Training III, Advanced Dual-Wielding II, Evasion Rate Increase III, Stunning Shot III, Silence Arrow IV, Shock Arrow I, Shackle Arrow I, Arrow Deluge V, Trap of Slowing II, Trap of Slowing II, Aerial Wild Shot II, Destruction Trap II, Destruction Trap II, Swift Edge V, Focused Shots I, Bestial Fury I, Ancestral Brightwing Arrow I, Ancestral Darkwing Arrow I, Gale Arrow I, Speed of the Wind I, Explosive Arrow I, Hunter's Might I, Swift Shot IV, Entangling Shot IV, Calming Whisper III, Mau Form IV, Mau Form IV, Poison Arrow III, Snare Trap IV, Snare Trap IV, Heal Wings I, Breath of Nature III, Boost Accuracy IV, Spike Trap IV, Spike Trap IV, Surprise Attack V, Fighting Withdrawal I, Rupture Arrow III, Silence Arrow V, Nature's Resolve I, Explosion Trap III, Explosion Trap III, Deadshot IV, Keen Cleverness I, Gale Arrow II, Explosive Arrow II, Arrow Deluge VI, Fleshcutter Arrow II, Spike Bite Trap II, Spike Bite Trap II, Trap of Slowing III, Trap of Slowing III, Holy Arrow I, Deadly Arrow I, Heart Shot I, Lethal Arrow I, Soul Slash V, Counterattack V, Advanced Dagger Training IV, Advanced Archery Training IV, Darkwing Arrow I, Brightwing Arrow I, Vaizel's Arrow I, Triniel's Arrow I, Poisoning Trap IV, Poisoning Trap IV, Spiral Arrow III, Gale Arrow III, Explosive Arrow III, Arrow Strike IV, Sleep Trap I, Sleep Trap I, Blazing Trap I, Blazing Trap I, Sharpen Arrows I, Sandstorm Trap II, Sandstorm Trap II, Snare Trap V, Snare Trap V, Breath of Nature IV, Arrow Storm II, Aether Arrow II, Heart Shot II, Lethal Arrow II, Stunning Shot IV, Seizure Arrow I, Call Gryphu I, Call Gryphu I, Silence Arrow VI, Shock Arrow II, Shackle Arrow II, Gale Arrow IV, Explosive Arrow IV, Aerial Wild Shot III, Destruction Trap III, Destruction Trap III, Arrow Deluge VII, Trap of Slowing IV, Trap of Slowing IV, Unerring Arrow I, Lightning Arrow I, Agonizing Arrow I, Blazing Trap II, Blazing Trap II, Nimble Fingers I, Swift Edge VI, Heart Shot III, Arrow of Virago III, Boost Accuracy V, Venomfinder Shot I, Calming Whisper IV, Swift Shot V, Entangling Shot V, Poison Arrow IV, Gale Arrow V, Explosive Arrow V, Snare Trap VI, Snare Trap VI, Breath of Nature V, Blazing Trap III, Blazing Trap III, Lightning Arrow II, Agonizing Arrow II, Skybound Trap I, Skybound Trap I, Manaleech Shot I, Surprise Attack VI, Spike Trap V, Spike Trap V, Heart Shot IV, Arrow of Virago IV, Rupture Arrow IV, Explosion Trap IV, Explosion Trap IV, Fighting Withdrawal II, Determination of Absorption II, Spike Bite Trap III, Spike Bite Trap III, Deadshot V, Vaizel's Arrow II, Triniel's Arrow II, Silence Arrow VII, Gale Arrow VI, Explosive Arrow VI, Call Gryphu II, Call Gryphu II, Misery Shot I, Spread Shot I, Stillness Arrow I, Trap of Slowing V, Trap of Slowing V, Fleshcutter Arrow III, Arrow Deluge VIII, Agonizing Arrow III, Blazing Trap IV, Blazing Trap IV, Lightning Arrow III, Counterattack VI, Soul Slash VI, Lethal Arrow V, Heart Shot V, Feint I, Sleep Trap II, Sleep Trap II, Finishing Arrow I, Spiral Arrow IV, Arrow Strike V, Poisoning Trap V, Poisoning Trap V, Gale Arrow VII, Explosive Arrow VII, Aether Arrow III, Arrow Storm III, Sandstorm Trap III, Sandstorm Trap III, Snare Trap VII, Snare Trap VII, Agonizing Arrow IV, Blazing Trap V, Blazing Trap V, Lightning Arrow IV, Propelling Trap I, Propelling Trap I, Storm Mine I, Storm Mine I, Dilation Arrow I, Stunning Shot V, Arrowgrab II, Skybound Trap II, Skybound Trap II, Lethal Arrow VI, Heart Shot VI

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