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Boost Physical Attack I, Advanced Staff Training I, Advanced Cloth Armor Proficiency I, Healing Light II, Victory Mantra I, Meteor Strike I, Winged Mantra I, Yustiel's Protection I, Marchutan's Protection I, Momentous Rush I, Word of Revival I, Shield Mantra I, Booming Strike I, Promise of Earth I, Boost Attack Resistance I, Magic Mantra I, Hallowed Strike II, Promise of Wind II, Celerity Mantra I, Incandescent Blow I, Healing Conduit I, Rage Spell I, Revival Mantra I, Focused Parry I, Booming Smash I, Meteor Strike II, Boost Element Defense I, Victory Mantra II, Healing Light III, Protective Ward I, Clement Mind Mantra I, Boost Mantra Range I, Advanced Staff Training II, Booming Strike II, Parrying Strike I, Promise of Aether I, Healing Conduit II, Shield Mantra II, Word of Revival II, Winged Catalyst I, Magic Mantra II, Binding Word I, Word of Protection I, Promise of Earth II, Pentacle Shock I, Protective Ward II, Promise of Wind III, Hallowed Strike III, Blessing of Health II, Incandescent Blow II, Booming Assault I, Intensity Mantra I, Healing Conduit III, Word of Wind I, Word of Life I, Revival Mantra II, Resonance Haze I, Booming Smash II, Meteor Strike III, Protective Ward III, Healing Light IV, Victory Mantra III, Clement Mind Mantra II, Booming Strike III, Parrying Strike II, Shield Mantra III, Word of Revival III, Promise of Aether II, Word of Quickness I, Protection Mantra I, Healing Conduit IV, Word of Life II, Tremor I, Magic Mantra III, Promise of Earth III, Word of Inspiration I, Pentacle Shock II, Protective Ward IV, Splash Swing I, Boost Element Defense II, Advanced Staff Training III, Boost Attack Resistance II, Hallowed Strike IV, Incandescent Blow III, Inescapable Judgment I, Soul Strike I, Healing Conduit V, Intensity Mantra II, Promise of Wind IV, Booming Assault II, Soul Lock I, Healing Light V, Enhancement Mantra I, Recovery Spell I, Ancestral Word of Spellstopping I, Ancestral Aetheric Field I, Stamina Restoration I, Blessing of Wind I, Magic Recovery I, Blessing of Stone I, Meteor Strike IV, Perfect Parry I, Victory Mantra IV, Booming Smash III, Splash Swing II, Protective Ward V, Swiftwing I, Word of Life III, Revival Mantra III, Resonance Haze II, Word of Revival IV, Soul Crush I, Retribution I, Stamina Restoration II, Blessing of Wind II, Magic Recovery II, Booming Strike IV, Clement Mind Mantra III, Parrying Strike III, Shield Mantra IV, Protection Mantra II, Healing Conduit VI, Promise of Aether III, Stilling Word I, Word of Spellstopping I, Aetheric Field I, Divine Curtain I, Curtain of Aether I, Advanced Staff Training IV, Mountain Crash I, Invincibility Mantra I, Confident Defense I, Magic Mantra IV , Pentacle Shock III, Stamina Restoration III, Blessing of Wind III, Magic Recovery III, Recovery Spell II, Promise of Earth IV, Tremor II, Word of Life IV, Protective Ward VI, Splash Swing III, Disorienting Blow I, Healing Burst I, Mountain Crash II, Backshock I, Hallowed Strike V, Hit Mantra I, Inescapable Judgment II, Soul Strike II, Stamina Restoration IV, Blessing of Wind IV, Magic Recovery IV, Soul Crush II, Incandescent Blow IV, Intensity Mantra III, Promise of Wind V, Healing Conduit VII, Promise of Aether IV, Healing Burst II, Disorienting Blow II, Booming Assault III, Numbing Blow I, Seismic Crash I, Elemental Screen I, Soul Lock II, Thunderbolt Strike I, Healing Light VI, Divine Curtain II, Curtain of Aether II, Mountain Crash III, Meteor Strike V, Recovery Spell III, Stamina Restoration V, Blessing of Wind V, Magic Recovery V, Unstoppable I, Revival Mantra IV, Resonance Haze III, Victory Mantra V, Word of Life V, Protective Ward VII, Splash Swing IV, Disorienting Blow III, Healing Burst III, Numbing Blow II, Elemental Screen II, Rise I, Booming Smash IV, Word of Revival V, Mountain Crash IV, Stamina Discharge I, Annihilation I, Burst I, Lucidity I, Booming Strike V, Retribution II, Stamina Restoration VI, Blessing of Wind VI, Magic Recovery VI, Soul Crush III, Hit Mantra II, Melee Smash I, Clement Mind Mantra IV, Parrying Strike IV, Shield Mantra V, Healing Conduit VIII, Promise of Aether V, Numbing Blow III, Elemental Screen III, Disorienting Blow IV, Healing Burst IV, Divine Curtain III, Curtain of Aether III, Mountain Crash V, Acceleration Cheer I, Magic Mantra V, Pentacle Shock IV, Recovery Spell IV, Stamina Restoration VII, Magic Recovery VII, Blessing of the Wind VII, Crashing Strike I, Emergency Teleport I, Tremor III, Protective Ward VIII, Word of Life VI, Splash Swing V, Elemental Screen IV, Numbing Blow IV, Healing Burst V, Disorienting Blow V, Hallowed Strike VI, Backshock II, Mountain Crash VI, Wind Mantra I, Leaping Flash I

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