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[Event/Daily] Save Solorius!, [Event/Daily] Non-Helping Hands, [Event/Daily] The Gift of Charity, [Event] Bitter or Sweet?, [Event/Daily] Cutie-Wootie Choco Wuv, [Event/Daily] Chocolate, Extra-Bitter, [Event/Daily] Candypocalypse, [Event/Daily] Just Shove-l It, [Event] Asmodian Perseverance, [Event] Right to the Heart, [Event] Left with Half a Heart, [Event] Fragmented Blessings, [Event/Weekly] Seeking Soul Vigor, [Event/Weekly] Seeking Life Essence, [Event/Daily] Alchemist's Experiment, [Event/Repeat] Alchemist's Trade, Pernon Awaits You, No One Under 21 Allowed, [Event] Bitter or Sweet?, [Event] Bitter or Sweet?, [Event/Daily] Cutie-Wootie Choco Wuv, [Event/Daily] Chocolate, Extra Bitter, [Event/Daily] Candypocalypse, [Event/Daily] Just Shove-l It, Turn, Turn, Turn, [Housing] Give My Regards to Pernon, [Housing] Moving Up in the World, [Housing] Be It Ever So Humble, [Housing] Homeward Bound, [Housing] The Many Facets of Friendship, [Housing] The Big Empty, [Housing] Interior Decorator, [Housing] Just a Step to the Left..., [Housing] Taking the Tour, Wilting Flowers, Falling Tears, Blessings of a Green Thumb, [Daily] Gentlemen Prefer Pearls, [Daily] Much More Than Ore, [Daily] How Does Your Garden Grow?, [Daily] Your Butler's Gift, [Daily] A Little Alchemy Practice, A Child's Direction, A Home That's Your Own, [Event/Daily] Scrumptious Snacks, [Daily] Sprout, Sprout, Let It All Out, [Daily] 'Til the Soil..., [Daily] Sprout It Out, [Daily] Soiled Quest, Something Old, Something New, [Daily] Free to a Good Home..., [Daily] Sprout of Joy, [Daily] The Soil Under Your Claws, Turn, Turn, Turn, Open, Says Me!, First Class or Coach?, Going Twice..., Precious in Pink, Homage to An Unsung Hero, Fit for a Sprigg, Immortal Guru... Sort Of, Spring Light Box, Summer Light Box, Autumn Light Box, Winter Light Box, Turn, Turn, Turn, Crystal Visions, [Relic Bundle Reward] Ancient Goblet, [Relic Bundle Reward] Ancient Crown, Turn, Turn, Turn, [Weekly] A Room for the Guestbloom

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