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Symbol of the Chosen, Andreas' Teachings, [Craft] Clamping Down, Pampered Pets, The Pleasure of Pets, Leah's Loneliness, Perikles's Insight, [Event] Joyful Daeva's Day, [Event] Piece of Cake!, [Event] The Shulack Sugarcrooks, [Event] Trick or Treat, [Event] The Great Candy Hunt, [Event] Sock Hop, [Event] Socks on Walkabout, [Event] Solorius Joy, [Event] Feeding the Children, [Event] Feeding the Elders, [Event] Feeding the Family, [Event] Meet the Fayrefolk, [Event] An Unwelcome Gaze, [Event] Greater Glories, [Event] Only the Best, [Event] Gambling with Grace, [Event] Making the Best of It, [Event] Pauno Provided, [Event] Sponsorship Stolen, [Event] Dedication Defalcator, [Event] Sinking Scrounger, [Event] Espionage!, [Event] Information Dealing, [Event] Parchment Problem, [Event] Mysterious Mission, [Event] Confidential!, [Event] The Daru Diet, [Event] Witch White Pieces?, [Event] The Essence of White, [Event] Pumpkins in Shades of White, [Event] What Witches Wear, [Event] Warming Hearts and Hands, [Event] Birthday Boom!, [Event] Ascension Celebration!, [Event] Throwing a Powder, [Event] A More Powerful Powder, [Event] Take Wing, Daeva!, [Event] Chasing the Grankers, [Event] Solorius Invitations, [Event] Solorius Donations, [Event] Thirst for Invention!, To the Galleria of Grandeur, Salute! A New Uniform, Andu's Dye Box, Palentine's Request, Sexiest Man Alive, A Ring Imbued With Aether, Krallic Language Potion, [Craft] Crafting Ingots, [Craft] Ingot Ingredients, [Craft] Roasting Inina, [Craft] A Betua Wood Offering, [Craft] A Token of Respect, [Craft] First Steps in Tailoring, Ulaguru Speaks, A Song Of Praise, Delivery for the Outer Port, A Lingering Mystery, An Ax For Namus, The Seed of Evil, Marmeia's Krall Research, [Event] Save the Crabs!, [Event] Fun at the Festival, [Event] Laugh, Clown, Laugh, [Event] School Days, [Event] Festival Fiesta, [Event] Sadly, Not Tahabata, [Event] Crab Leaves, [Event] Swimsuit Swap, [Event] Kinah Swap, [Event] Doing Good During Daru Days, [Event] Using Your Charms, Familiar Food, Guide of Life, Meaning of Life, Teachings of Life, Intention of Lady Yustiel, [Event] Pass the Enlightenment, A Souvenir For Noris, Secret Library Access, Chasing a Criminal, A Sliver of Darkness, A Costume on Consignment, [Event] The Best From the Worst, [Event] Daru Munchies, [Event] Envelope Envy, [Event] Pumpkins in Shades of Blue, [Event] The Essence of Blue, [Event] Witch Blue Pieces?, [Event] The Brax Cafe Beckons, D'yer Ma'ker, Esoteric Book of Justice, Esoteric Book of Freedom, Esoteric Book of Illusion, Esoteric Book of Life, A Sword Gone Astray, A Helmet Gone Astray, A Staff Gone Astray, Combat Rations, Combat Potions, A Robe Gone Astray, [Event] How about Paksigue?, [Event] Deco Doldrums, Its Rightful Owner, The Esoteric Book of Space, The Esoteric Book of Time, Daevas of the Round Table, [Spy] A Letter to Medea, Never Short of Steel, A Package From Vulcanus, Getting a Grip, Nuts to Denegos, Spellbook Express, A Mended Robe, [Expert] Zest for Weaponsmithing, [Expert] Weaponsmith's Craft, [Expert] Expert Weaponsmith, [Expert] Zest for Armorsmithing, [Expert] Armorsmith's Craft, [Expert] Expert Armorsmith, [Expert] Zest for Handicrafting, [Expert] Handicrafter's Craft, [Expert] Expert Handicrafter, [Expert] Zest for Cooking, [Expert] Cook's Craft, [Expert] Expert Cook, [Expert] Zest for Alchemy, [Expert] Alchemist's Craft, [Expert] Expert Alchemist, [Expert] Zest for Tailoring, [Expert] Tailor's Craft, [Expert] Expert Tailor, Wings of Mastery, [Expert] Weaponsmithing Expert, [Expert] Armorsmithing Expert, [Expert] Handicrafting Expert, [Expert] Cooking Expert, [Expert] Alchemy Expert, [Expert] Tailoring Expert, A Lucky Day, [Expert] Passion for Weaponsmithing, [Expert] Expert of Weaponsmithing, [Expert] Passion for Armorsmithing, [Expert] Expert of Armorsmithing, [Expert] Passion for Handicrafting, [Expert] Expert of Handicrafting, [Expert] Passion for Cooking, [Expert] Expert of Cooking, [Expert] Passion for Alchemy, [Expert] Expert of Alchemy, [Expert] A Passion For Tailoring, [Expert] Expert of Tailoring, A Bigger Warehouse, [Expert] Constructor's Test, [Expert] Expert of Construction, [Expert] Passion for Construction, [Expert] Requirements for Construction Expert, [Expert] Construction Expert, [Master] New Level of Construction, [Master] New Title of Construction, [Master] Weaponsmith's Potential, [Master] Weaponsmithing Master, [Master] Armorsmith's Potential, [Master] Armorsmithing Master, [Master] Tailor's Potential, [Master] Tailoring Master, [Master] Handicrafter's Potential, [Master] Handicrafting Master, [Master] Alchemist's Potential, [Master] Alchemy Master, [Master] Cook's Potential, [Master] Cooking Master, [Expert] Construction Expert, [Event] For the Want of Ink, [Event] Feeding Darus, [Event] I'd Rather be Sailing, [Event] Pumpkins in Shades of Yellow, [Event] Witch Yellow Pieces?, [Event] The Essence of Yellow, How to Get Ahead in Crafting, The Gunslinger Preceptor's Task, The Songweaver Preceptor's Task, The Gladiator Preceptor's Task, The Templar Preceptor's Task, The Ranger Preceptor's Task, The Assassin Preceptor's Task, The Sorcerer Preceptor's Task, The Spiritmaster Preceptor's Task, The Cleric Preceptor's Task, The Chanter Preceptor's Task, [Growth] Flora's First Charm, [Group] To Catch a Dragon, [Event] March, March, March, [Event] Promoting a Promotion, [Event] Leafy Reds, Where's Vindachinerk?, A Gift For Vindachinerk, Flame Sword, Black Cloud Fakery, [Spy] Going out of Business, [Growth] Flora's Second Charm, Kinah-Digging Daughter, What Did You Buy Me?, A Matter of Reputation, [Event] Pumpkins in Shades of Red, [Event] The Essence of Red, [Event] Witch Red Pieces?, [Event] Sail Away, [Event] Dining For Darus, [Event] Sealed With a Kiss, [Group] Rules of Alchemy and Life, Snow Blessing, A Promise to a Customer, The Manduri Imperative, Shameless Peperinrinerk, Hairpin Ahoy!, The Pirates' Log, [Coin] Golden Eye Gambit, A Disturbing Report, [Group] RM-78c, Tissue? I Don't Even Know You!, What Nerison Saw, A Lepharist Monstrosity, [Group] Steel Rake Spy, [Group] Rescue Haorunerk!, [Group] The Missing Cube Craftsman, [Group] Revenge of Himusus, [Group] The Pirates' Pouch, [Group] Bring Back the Booty, [Group] Plunder the Pirates, [Group] The Difficulties of Beauty, [Coin/Group] Steel Rake Rumpus, Legionary Letters, Goodwill of Kuruminerk, [Growth] Flora's Third Charm, [Group] Destruction and Rebirth, [Group] Fire and Ice, The Delivery, The Shugo and the Shulack, [Daily] The Sanctum Shulackwalk, [Event] Recycling Decorations, [Event] Parade Roll Call, [Group] To Master the Dragon, [Growth] Flora's Fourth Charm, Koruchinerk's Offer, [Coin/Group] Expunge the Drana Fed, [Expert] Essencetapper's Test, [Expert] Essencetapping Expert, [Expert] Aethertapper's Test, [Expert] Aethertapping Expert, A Secret Summons, The Balaur Report, [Group] Obtaining the Dragel, [Group] The Danger of Drana, Mutual Benefits, [Group] Gathering the Surkana, [Group] Obtaining the Drazma, [Group] The Secret of Surkana, Shoshinerk's Reward, Epilogue, Just Between Me and Fasimedes, A New Preceptor, A New Preceptor, Class Advancement, Class Advancement, Class Advancement, Class Advancement, The Go-Between, Love's Messenger, Love Suicide

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