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Prologue, Kalio's Call, Sleeping on the Job, Kerubar Hunt, Prologue, Asmodian Quest, Order of the Captain, On Your Feet!, A Bloody Task, Key Item Hidden Quest 01 (Elyos), Key Item Hidden Quest 02 (Elyos), Key Item Hidden Quest 01 (Asmodian), Key Item Hidden Quest 02 (Asmodian), Symbol of the Chosen, [Test] SimpleTalk Expansion Test, [Test] Excess Object Count Test 2, Simple Talk Function Expansion Test, [Test] Talk, [Test] Hunt, [Test] CollectItem, Unlimited Battle Hidden Quest, [Test] Expand the Range of Optional Rewards, [Test] Expand the Range of Optional Rewards for Each Class, [Test] Expand the Range of Repeated Additional Rewards, [Test] Add Repeated Additional Rewards to Each Class, [Test] Simple Collect, [Test] Simple Hunt, [Test] Parallel Hunt, [Test] Use Item, Legion Challenge Test 1, Legion Challenge Test 2, Legion Challenge Test 3, Legion Challenge Test 4, Legion Challenge Test 5, Village Challenge Test 1, Village Challenge Test 2, Village Challenge Test 3, Village Challenge Test 4, Village Challenge Test 5, Village Challenge Common Test 1, Village Challenge Common Test 2, Village Challenge Common Test 3, Village Challenge Common Test 4, Village Challenge Common Test 5, Ophidan Bridge, Danuar Sanctuary, Kamar Battlefield, Ophidan Bridge, Danuar Sanctuary, [Event] Ahead of the Trends, [Event] Just One New Thing, [Test] Score Reward, Grain Thieves, Report to Polinia, The Snuffler Headache, A New Skill, The Sprigg Report, Meeting the Fruit Quota, Sparkle and Shine, The Kerubim Threat, Helping Kales, The Lost Axe, Uno's Ingredients, Abandoned Goods, Message to Madeline, A House Guest, Thinking Ahead, Vanar's Flattery, Return to Sender, The Shinier the Better, Love in Bloom, A New Skill, Azpha For Health And Well-being, For Love of Negi, Brotherly Love, Swallowing Pride, A Book for Namus, Insomnia Medicine, To Fish in Peace, Mushroom Thieves, Idle Hands, Urd's Request, Token of a Lost Love, Request of the Elim, The Nymph's Gown, The Elim's Message, Where's Rae?, The Insect Problem, Sap for Leather, A Delivery of Leather, The Lost Axe, Pernos's Robe, Light up the Night, Polinia's Ointment, A Taste of Namus's Medicine, Thinning out Worgs, Treasure of the Deceased, A Treasure Map, Food Bandits, Up to no Good, Black Opal, A Brax Skin Rug, A Cursed Opal, Illegal Logging, Oz's Prayer Beads, Delivering Pernos's Robe, Where's Tutty?, Avenging Tutty, Ancient Cube, A Charmed Cube, Checking on a Friend, Ashes to Ashes, The Imprisoned Gourmet, The Captain's Secret, Neutralizing Odium, Suspicious Ore, Mushroom Research, Collecting Aria, Teaching a Lesson, Hit Them Where it Hurts, The Robbery Plot, As Much as You Can Carry, Pearls Before Swine, A Good Tonic, Alfrigh's Request, Barring the Gate, Ascension, Scouting Timolia Mine, Where's Rae This Time?, Ascension, A Ceremony in Pandaemonium, Suspicious Activity, Steel Chisel Supplies, Steel Screw Supplies, Steel Hammer Supplies, Steel Wrench Supplies, Steel Shovel Supplies, Steel Grill Supplies, Steel Polearm Blade Repair, Steel Pick Supplies, Steel Throwing Knife Supplies, Steel Ladder Supplies, Steel Dagger Repair, Titanium Arrowhead Supplies, Titanium Dagger Mount Supplies, Prison Shackle Supplies, Titanium Sword Blade Supplies, Titanium Greatsword Repair, Pipe Joint Supplies, Titanium Saw Blade Supplies, Structural Support Pillar Supplies, Machine Blade Supplies, Explorer's Mace Repair, Explorer's Sword Repair, Penetrating Javelin Supplies, Legion Flagstaff Supplies, Adamantium Polearm Blade Supplies, Heiron Dagger Repair, Adamantium Gun Barrel Supplies, Crossbow Bolt Supplies, Adamantium Dagger Repair, Heiron Polearm Repair, Sentinel's Sword Repair, Blue Fleet Dagger Repair, Legionary's Greatsword Repair, Guardian's Mace Repair, Squad Leader's Polearm Repair, Zephyr Dagger Repair, Battle Polearm Repair, Guardsman's Greatsword Repair, Sanctum Mace Repair, Centurion's Sword Repair, Steps Toward Weaponsmithing Expert, Metal Plate Supplies, Steel Box Supplies, Info Board Supplies, Storage Drum Supplies, Folding Cot Supplies, Personal Locker Supplies, Kettle Supplies, Machine Sawteeth Supplies, Safety Helmet Supplies, File Safe Supplies, Durable Steel Spaulders Repair, Frying Pan Supplies, Ball Bearings Supplies, Washtub Supplies, Cabinet Supplies, Titanium Handguards Repair, Titanium Water Pipe Supplies, Cooking Cauldron Supplies, Portable Brazier Supplies, Molded Seat Supplies, Titanium Shield Repair, Corrugated Sheet Supplies, Support Rails Supplies, Adamantium Chausses Repair, Adamantium Sabatons Repair, Adamantium Hauberk Repair, Mobile Tower Supplies

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