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Dazzling Fire I, Dazzling Fire II, Dazzling Fire III, Dazzling Fire IV, Shellshock I, Shellshock II, Shellshock III, Shellshock IV, Autoload I, Paralysis Cannon I, Paralysis Cannon II, Paralysis Cannon III, Paralysis Cannon IV, Paralysis Cannon V, Pressurized Chamber I, Pressurized Chamber II, Pressurized Chamber III, Pressurized Chamber IV, Pressurized Chamber V, Pressurized Chamber VI, Shock and Awe I, Shock and Awe II, Shock and Awe III, Shock and Awe IV, Shock and Awe V, Shock and Awe VI, Blazing Bombardment I, Blazing Bombardment II, Blazing Bombardment III, Blazing Bombardment IV, Blazing Bombardment V, Fiery Blast I, Fiery Blast II, Fiery Blast III, Fiery Blast IV, Fiery Blast V, Fiery Blast VI, Fiery Blast VII, Frozen Blitz I, Frozen Blitz II, Frozen Blitz III, Frozen Blitz IV, Frozen Blitz V, Frozen Blitz VI, Hemorrhage Shot I, Hemorrhage Shot II, Hemorrhage Shot III, Hemorrhage Shot IV, Hemorrhage Shot V, Hemorrhage Shot VI, Hemorrhage Shot VII, Juggernaut Cannon I, Juggernaut Cannon II, Juggernaut Cannon III, Juggernaut Cannon IV, Juggernaut Cannon V, Juggernaut Cannon VI, Juggernaut Cannon VII, Missile Guide I, Nature's Favor I, Nature's Favor II, Nature's Favor III, Nature's Favor IV, Nature's Favor V, Nature's Favor VI, Nature's Favor VII, Nature's Favor VIII, Power Grab I, Power Grab II, Power Grab III, Power Grab IV, Power Grab V, Quieting Gale I, Quieting Gale II, Quieting Gale III, Quieting Gale IV, Quieting Gale V, Quieting Gale VI, Quieting Gale VII, Sighting I, Stable Stance I, Steady Fire I, Steady Fire II, Steady Fire III, Steady Fire IV, Steady Fire V, Steady Fire VI, Steady Fire VII, Stopping Power I, Survival Instinct I

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