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Archon Brigade General's Longbow, Archon Commander's Longbow, Archon Commander's Recurve, Archon Conqueror's Longbow, Bastion Aggressor Bow, Challenger's Bow, Coliseum Champion's Flatbow, Coliseum Champion's Flatbow, Custodian's Bow, Custodian's Flatbow, Danann Noble Longbow, Discordant Bow, Elite Archon Commander's Longbow, Elite Custodian's Bow, Elite Guardian Commander's Longbow, Elite Shepherd's Bow, Elyos Daevanion Bow, Enraged Mastarius's Bow, Enraged Mastarius's Longbow, Enraged Veille's Bow, Enraged Veille's Longbow, Exemplar's Bow, Fine Master Katalium Bow, Fine Master Noble Katalium Bow, Guardian Brigade General's Longbow, Guardian Commander's Longbow, Guardian Commander's Recurve, Guardian Conqueror's Longbow, Gulare's Bow, Honorable Guardian Conqueror's Longbow, Hyperion's Bow, Infinity Shard's Bow, Kahrun's Longbow, Kaisinel's Blessed Bow, Kesath's Bow, Level 60 Eternal Average Equipment Bow, Luminasiel Longbow, Makia's Bow, Marchutan's Blessed Bow, Master Carved Korie Bow, Master Carved Nanyu Bow, Master Elite Durable Korie Bow, Master Elite Durable Nanyu Bow, Master Katalium Bow, Master Noble Durable Korie Bow, Master Noble Durable Nanyu Bow, Master Noble Katalium Bow, Master Noble Korie Bow, Master Noble Nanyu Bow, Modor's Bow, Moltenus's Bow, Noble Coliseum Champion's Flatbow, Noble Coliseum Champion's Flatbow, Noble Horned Dragon Emperor's Bow, Noble Horned Dragon Emperor's Durable Bow, Noble Premium Ophidan Bow, Noble Prime Ophidan Bow, Noble Sky Dragon Emperor's Bow, Noble Sky Dragon Emperor's Durable Bow, Noble Tac Officer's Bow, Noble Tac Officer's Bow, Noble Tac Officer's Bow, Noble Tac Officer's Bow, Padmarashka's Longbow, Padmarashka's Raging Longbow, Persistent Bow, Premium Ophidan Bow, Prime Ophidan Bow, Rata's Bow, Remodeled Danuar Bow, Remodeled Danuar Longbow, Sauren Bow, Sematariux's Longbow, Shedim Herald's Longbow, Shepherd's Bow, Shepherd's Flatbow, Stormwing's Longbow, Sunayaka's Longbow, Tac Officer's Flatbow, Tac Officer's Flatbow, Tahabata's Longbow, Tahabata's Longbow, Tatar's Flawless Longbow, The Dragon Lord's Envy, Tiamat Royal Guard's Longbow, Vanquisher's Bow , Vasharti's Longbow, Vera Defender Captain's Longbow, Victor's Bow, Yamennes Painflare's Longbow, Yamennes' Longbow, Arbiter's Bow, Bastion Aggressor Firm Bow, Danuar Reliquary Expedition's Bow, Enraged Hyperion's Bow, Exalted Katalium Bow, Exalted Noble Katalium Bow, Incensed Hyperion's Bow, Lunatic Modor's Bow, Proctor's Bow, Sauro Commander's Bow, The Dragon Lord's Envy, Adella's Bow, Adella's Bow, Adventurer's Longbow, Aegir's Bow, Alukina's Meteor Bow, Antiquarian's Bow, Anuhart Elite's Longbow, Archon Centurion's Longbow, Archon Primus Pilus's Longbow, Archon Sentinel's Longbow, Archon Sentinel's Recurve, Archon Squad Leader's Longbow, Archon Tribunus's Longbow, Asmodian Fledgling's Bow, Asmodian Reinforcer's Bow, Athana's Bow, Athana's Fate Bow, Athana's Fate Bow, Batma's Bow, Betoni's Longbow, Black Heart's Longbow, Bow of Dreams (14 days), Bow of Dreams (3 days), Bow of Dreams (7 days), Campaigner's Bow, Celestial Longbow, Chaos Longbow, Coliseum Fighter's Flatbow, Coliseum Fighter's Flatbow, Commander Bakarma's Longbow, Constant Bow, Corsair's Bow, Danann Recurve, Debarim's Longbow, Debilkarim's Longbow, Debilkarim's Longbow, Defender Captain's Longbow, Deft Counsel's Bow, Deft Leader's Bow, Delirium Bow (14 days), Delirium Bow (3 days), Delirium Bow (3 days), Delirium Bow (7 days), Demolition Longbow, Divine Dragon Bow, Divine Dragon Bow, Dolan's Longbow, Draconute Bow, Dragon Deity General's Longbow, Drazma Bow, Drazma Bow, Durable Flash Longbow, Durable Flash Longbow, Durable Katalium Bow, Earth Dragon Bow, Earth Dragon Bow, Elder Longbow, Elite Archon Centurion's Longbow, Elite Archon Sentinel's Longbow, Elite Archon Squad Leader's Longbow, Elite Archon Tribunus's Longbow, Elite Guardian Centurion's Longbow, Elite Guardian Sentinel's Longbow, Elite Guardian Squad Leader's Longbow, Elite Guardian Tribunus's Longbow, Elite Reian Longbow, Elyos Fledgling's Bow, Elyos Reinforcer's Bow, Enoa's Bow, Ephemeral Bow (14 days), Ephemeral Bow (3 days), Ephemeral Bow (3 days), Ephemeral Bow (7 days), Expert Noble Asvata Bow, Expert Noble Durable Asvata Bow, Expert Noble Durable Egrasi Bow, Expert Noble Durable Korie Bow, Expert Noble Durable Nanyu Bow, Expert Noble Durable Salix Bow, Expert Noble Durable Ulmus Bow, Expert Noble Egrasi Bow, Expert Noble Korie Bow, Expert Noble Nanyu Bow, Expert Noble Salix Bow, Expert Noble Ulmus Bow, Fatal Bow, Faun's Bow, Fenris's Longbow, Forgotten Abyssal Longbow, Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan's Bow, Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan's Bow, Fugue Bow (14 days), Fugue Bow (3 days), Fugue Bow (3 days), Fugue Bow (7 days), Garn's Bow, Ghostbound Longbow, Graceful Longbow

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